Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life in a ... Metro

Movie: Life in a ... Metro
Director: Anurag Basu
Cast: Pretty long... read on!

Rishtey, toh nahi
Rishton ki ... parchaiyan miley!

Yeh kaisi bheed hai
Bas yahaan ... tanhaiyan miley!

Pretty much setting the tone for the movie, Anurag goes a step forward from Gangster and delves into the daily 'affair' of the Metro-kars or should I daresay, Mumbaikars! Trying to get as close to realistic cinema as the subject would let him, the you-and-me types teenagers get the goosebumps when you over hear worried mothers behind you in the cinema say, 'Hope my son isnt...'

Performance wise, movie strikes gold, again! Much to the cine-goers delight, the level of performance at offer is on the rise, Metro being no exception!

Kay Kay Menon is on a streak where he is out doing himself every movie. Essaying the chauvinist role to near-perfection, he would have as well had the rest of the star-cast for dinner. Irrfan though comes close in hand, with his easy going, hey!-you-show-I-see kinda attitude. He has got the wittiest lines, which sort of took away what Sharman would otherwise have banked on. This new kid on the block though feels pretty much at home playing the perfect tail-chaser to his seniors. Shiney Ahuja seems to lose his sheen when trying to fit into unbranded lower middle class boots. He just hasn't got the looks, I feel... I mean, he looks so out of place in the Andheri-Churchgate second class compartment!

The ladies compartment, delightfully is not left behind. With each character being given enough character to pull through. Shilpa playing the troubled wife stuck in an 'innocent' love affair carves a niche for herself amongst the slightly better male cast. Konkona Sen, still to get a role that actually challenges her potential, does nonchalant justice to the '30-single-still virgin' character! Kangana, with a new fresh young look, looks good and with much of Anurag's effort seems passable! Kanagana, work on your voice and modulations!

The supposed 'surprise' package of Nafisa (she still looks ravishing!) and Dharmendra (Dev Anand has inspired a new generation it seems!) fails miserably. The on-screen chemistry (?) goes dud! The already so brilliantly entangled affairs would have been much more effective, only if Anurag had decided against taking breathers in the form of Nafisa and Dharam paaji.

What strikes gold for this movie is the fact that see-it-to-believe-it kind of entangled relationships actually seems believable! The on-the-face kinda attitude, though waved off by many a hand, leaves a kind of pinch somewhere, enough to set you thinking...

The music, though tailor made for the movie, seems to get on to you for the monotone adapted. The concept of the videos are good, but in excess, they test your nerves. James, the lead singer better learn at least one other expression if he has to make people bear his mannerisms! Lyrics are rendered well, songs move with the story and but for the all rock attitude, music does well.

The climax, a well known weak point for Indian cinema is handled in a Nagesh Kukunoor-ish style and serves mainly as an ending point than anything else...The build up to the climax also could have been managed better.

Overall, a certain one time watch, at least for the performances and some really good dialogues!

Go catch this flick!